29/month Anually billed
  • Tactical Board 2D
  • 3D Animation viewer
  • Stadium Cameras
  • Player/Goalkeeper animations
  • Training elements
  • Online web access only
  • 9 languages


49/month Anually billed
  • Includes all features of the COACH version
  • Customizable TEAMS
  • Customizable Avatars: Male/Female and Races
  • MATCH manager
  • TRAINING manager
  • DRONE camera
  • Advanced edition TIMELINE


  • Includes all features of the PRO version
  • 3D/2D animation video EXPORTER
  • File and content sharing among TEAM users
  • Desktop/Offline APP
  • MAC OS and WINDOWS compatibility
  • External file LINK system
  • MULTIUSER (optional)
  • POV Camera (See trough a player’s eyes)
  • VR Virtual Reality Camera (optional)


Allows the user to create real game simulations and training drills, in a quick and intuitive
way. Automatically generates advanced 3D animations in realtime.

Animations have been created using Motion Capture technology on real players and
integrated using our advanced Trueplay animation system.

Enables the visualization of all actions from different perspectives during playback, choosing
from 12 different manual and automatic cameras: TV (Sides, Corners, Goals), Zenital, Ball, Player.

The aerial cam can be manually controlled, it can be positioned anywhere, at any height, allowing spectacular points of view.

PRO and TEAM versions

This functionality complements the aerial cam, allowing to program different perspectives
along the timeline, that are automatically interpolated during playback. This is ideal for video exporting purposes.

TEAM version

Visualize the game trough the eyes of any of the 22 players.

TEAM version

The Virtual Reality camera allows you to immerse yourself in the game as any of the 22 players. This functionality requires the use of a VR headset and a compatible PC, both not
included in the license.

Optional in TEAM version

The PRO animations package, in addition to adding advanced animations, allows you to
select which foot to use (right/left) and the specific contact zone: Interior/Exterior, instep,
heel, sole.
Also includes spectacular animations such as volley, half volley and scissor kick.

For the goalkeeper it includes low/floor grab/save.

PRO and TEAM versions

The advanced timeline works as a track-based editor for each player, ball, and other game

It allows to individually adjust pass/displacement/animation durations with great precision, for professional animation results.

PRO and TEAM versions

Trough the editor it is possible to customize any team, by incorporating thumbnails for each
of the players, selecting their ethnicity and gender, the team shield, and event the playe equipments.

Customize the team’s visualization for easily, immediately recognizable players on the field.

Store specific player data and generate lineups/formations for each team.

PRO and TEAM versions

You can also export any animation as a standard video file, to be able to play it back in any video player software.

TEAM version

This functionality allows you to link arbitrary files (photos, videos, text, pdfs, slideshows…) to a team, player, match, or training.

The coach can have a centralized repository of all his work reports in a single app, or link to different external analysis/report software.

TEAM version

You can share teams, lineups, matches, trainings, drills and exercises with all technical staff in your team or with any TEAM version user.

Thanks to the extremely small filesize of our propietary file format, you can share information
in a fast and simple way: email, cloud, external usb drives, centralized server…

TEAM version

Our propietary file format stores all information in the app, including 3D animations (drills and

3DD files can be played back using 3DSoccer, as if they were a video, with the added benefit of being completely editable.

In addition to this, they’re easily stored and shared, since their filesize is up to 90% smaller than a conventional video file.

TEAM version.

COACH and PRO versions can only be acessed online, trough our webpage using
compatible browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Opera.

COACH and PRO versions

PC and MAC App
The TEAM version can be installed in local mode in a computer, to be used without a permanent internet connection (offline), allowing to work when travelling or in zones without internet access.

Compatible with MacOS and Windows operating systems.

TEAM version.

The web app is compatible with touchscreens (laptop computers and tablets).

You can use our tool during expositions, trough touch boards or even on the field using a tablet.

The application is available in 9 languages: Spanish, English, German, French, Italian,
Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

All updates and system upgrades are included in the subscription.

Includes an online formative session (1 hour, imparted in English or Spanish).

TEAM version

All versions include online technical support trough our user portal.

Support offered in English or Spanish.

As specified in the app terms of use license, all content created using the app is for private use only.

Broadcasting content with commercial purposes is not allowed in any form.

It is only allowed to publish content as static or dynamic images (.gif or similar formats), the
diffusion of content in video formats is expressly prohibited.

If you require to have a license for commercial usage of the content, please contact us to request a quote based on your specific needs.

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3D viewer

360° cameras

Drone camera

POV camera

Key Frame Camera

VR Virtual reality

Advanced time line

PRO animations

Team customization

Match management

Training management

Events agenda (Matches / Trainings)

Attaching external files

Use application online only

Installable application (offline use) WINDOWS-MAC

Sharing plays between Team users

Video exporter (Plays-Exercises)

Users included




Additional users

Technical support via email (English / Spanish)


Online assisted training (1 hour)



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